Isere. A short-toed snake eagle, protected bird, victim of shooting in Isère

This is the 8e protected bird victim of shooting, received this year by the Tichodrome, care center for wildlife located in the town of Gua: this Monday, August 22, a short-toed snake eagle, a species protected by the law of 1976, has in effect was found injured in the department. X-ray analysis revealed that the bird had been the victim of shotgun pellets, inflicting several serious fractures.

Eight birds affected in eight months in 2022, “that’s as many as during the whole of 2021,” said Mireille Lattier, director of the Tichodrome, in a press release. “One more ! And well before the opening of the hunt”, deplores in turn Marie-Paule de Thiersant, president of the League for the protection of birds (LPO) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

This finding worries the two associations who believe that the hunting season, which will begin this year on September 11, “is when we discover the most protected species victims of shooting”.

As after each discovery of a protected bird victim of shooting in Isère, the LPO Aura and the Tichodrome jointly filed a complaint and alerted the French Office for Biodiversity.

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