“It’s like taking care of an elderly person”

Taking care of an old animal cannot be improvised. His needs change and it is important to know how to adapt to offer him the best living conditions until the end. Angèle, a senior charterhouse, surprises with her liveliness despite her 19 years. It must be said that its owners are very caring!

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In human age, she would be over 95 years old. Angelaof its small name, makes the happiness of its masters Nathalie Dufour and Louis Robidoux For almost 20 years.

The couple had indeed adopted her when she was only 8 weeks old.

Today they share their daily lives with Angela in order to play down the old age of animals. Indeed, many are those who are abandoned for lack of knowledge on the subject.

“It’s like taking care of an elderly person”joked Louis Robidoux to sum up the situation. He then explained to Reflect that her Chartreux cat was originally a deep gray, but the more time passes, the whiter she becomes.

She has also lost weight and probably has arthritis. “She walks like a catwalk model, putting each leg in front of the other”clarified Louis.

However, she is still enjoying life to the fullest. She continues to roam the surrounding countryside and occasionally brings back a hunting trophy.

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“She has already used at least 4 lives”

Angela has had many bad experiences during its 19 years of existence. She almost drowned 3 times in the family pool before her master came to her rescue.

In addition, one day she suddenly stopped eating without the veterinarian being able to make a diagnosis.

Fortunately, by changing her food, she regained her appetite.

It must be admitted thatAngela is difficult. Probably because of age-related dental problems, the kitty only eats mash and good meals cooked just for her.

“She accepts canned cats only when they are freshly opened. She is also given chicken thighs which are steamed and tossed with a little cooking fat so that she has enough protein. Food ground by hand so that it is easier to chew”clarified Natalie.

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Otherwise, Angela is extremely cuddly. Her masters sense that she needs comfort when she emits her loudest purrs.

Natalie and Louis dread the day of his departure and mentally prepare themselves for the ordeal of mourning.

Nevertheless, they say they are delighted to have the chance to share their life with Angela since 2003.


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