It’s not a cat, it’s a raccoon: Snaccoon is revealed in a trailer – News

The timing may not be ideal for Chrisitian Sparks, the only developer who started snack as a hobby during the pandemic, but a month after the release of stray, another animal life game is coming. Contrary to the majestic feline of our streets, the raccoon must exclusively stock up in the baskets of the brave city dwellers whom he plunders without shame.

Problem: delicious snacks which he loves have been banned by the town hall, which forces him to be more cunning than his average fellow who is content to scavenge. Borrowing air ducts, hiding under furniture, approaching furtively to steal cell phones: so many approaches that will allow you to vary the way in which you apprehend the immediate environment.

Far from being a demanding game, it will leave a lot of latitude in the controls with a lot of aids in achieving the jumps and climbing necessary for exploration. The developer thus wishes to reward the way in which one seeks to explore the world rather than the technique necessary to carry out the movements.

Developed on Unreal Engine, snack is not announced on any specific medium and has no release date yet.

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