Jar of fresh cream thrown away, wooden pallet swayed… neighbors exasperated by noise, a degraded restaurant in Nice

A jar of crème fraîche thrown at a restaurant in revenge for noise pollution? This is what the owner of Côté Lounge, an establishment located rue de France in Nice, says. While the neighbors accuse him of putting his music too loud. “This is a situation that has lasted for 7 years”, says Eric Medjad, resident of the fourth. According to him, the sound of the bass that resounds in the building impacts his daily life. “I can’t even work in my living room in the afternoon”. He says he calls the police almost every night. And add “Even without my hearing aids, I can hear the bass.”

Other neighbours, one of whom is responsible for the union council, agree with him. “Even with earplugs and double glazing, we can’t sleep”, annoyed an owner who prefers to remain anonymous. Eric Medjad filed a complaint for day and night noise last July and his two upstairs neighbors declared themselves witnesses.

A sound limiter installed

For his part, the owner of the restaurant, who does not wish to give his name, defends his point of view. “We have, over the period of COVID 19, […] compensated for the closure of nightclubs by transforming our establishment into an atmospheric restaurant”, he concedes. In March 2022, he says he received a warning for noise pollution. To which he says he reacted, “We immediately stopped these evenings and installed a sound limiter.”

And the restaurateur also filed a complaint in May. In question: throwing of various objects on the tarpaulin of the terrace of Côté Lounge, from the wooden pallet to the pot of fresh cream. He denounces a “harassment from a neighbour”.

Warnings and verbalizations

The municipality is aware of this situation, “There is a problem of cohabitation with the residents. The municipal police contacted the owner who received several warnings and verbalizations.”

However, the City nuances, “we remain attentive to respect for the living environment but want the pedestrian street to remain lively.”

The Alpes-Maritimes prefecture does not comment on this particular case but indicates more generally: “Establishments which by their activity would disturb public order incur an administrative closure.”


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