KFC is also releasing its vegetarian burger, the “Colonel Original Veggie”

KFC France aligns itself with its competitors Quick, McDonald’s and Burger King and launches a 100% vegetarian burger. Available from Wednesday August 24, it will consist of a mushroom protein breadcrumb.

A new burger will join the menu of KFC restaurants in France from Wednesday August 24th. The fast food chain has indeed announced the release of its very first vegetarian sandwich in a press release.

Baptized “Colonel Original Veggie”, from the name of the star sandwich of the sign, the “Colonel Original”, from which it is the derivative, the burger “will be composed of a vegetarian breaded base of mycoproteins (mushroom proteins)” . For the rest, it will incorporate the same ingredients, namely a bread with sesame seeds, cheddar cheese, salad and sauces.

To offer this new burger, KFC France has teamed up with Quorn, a company specializing in vegetarian and vegan food based on mycoproteins, that is to say mushroom proteins.

“An excellent alternative to meat”

In its press release, the fast food company boasts in particular “the nutritional qualities” of the vegetarian breadcrumbs produced by its partner “which make it an excellent alternative to meat”.

Mycoproteins also have “a relatively low carbon footprint” and “make it possible to obtain a taste close to that of chicken”, according to Maud Roussel, innovation manager at KFC France.

With this new sandwich, KFC wants to “make its offer accessible to everyone and in particular to those who wish to reduce their meat consumption or who have already chosen a vegetarian diet”, said Isabelle Herman, general manager of KFC France. .

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