Koundé would be furious against Barça!

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Barça central defender Jules Koundé, who arrived this summer from Seville, did not have the opportunity to play an official match with his new club. And for good reason, failing to have been able to collect sufficient cash inflows and free up the payroll in a consistent way, the Catalan club could not register its new player with La Liga… while all the other recruits can play!

A situation that is seriously starting to heat up the French defender. According to information from Radio Catalunya, Koundé is now very angry with his club. A club which had nevertheless made the promise of registration for the match against Real Sociedad, which was therefore not honored.

Angry with his management, Jules Koundé nevertheless maintains a positive relationship with his coach Xavi while waiting to see things evolve. With a threat unveiled a few days ago. If Koundé is not registered in La Liga on August 31, the French defender would have a clause allowing him to leave Barça freely! Only eight days left before we can consider activating it…

to summarize

Jules Koundé, the central defender of Barça and the France team, is seriously rising in tension while his situation is not changing on the side of Barcelona. The player trained in Bordeaux is still not registered in La Liga and the situation weighs on him.

Julien Pedebos

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