L214 requests the closure of a rabbit farm in Brittany

A new rabbit farm is targeted by the L214 association, this Thursday, August 25, 2022. This time, it is a farm in Brittany, located in Domalain (Ille-et-Vilaine), south of Vitré. In a video broadcast on social networks, the association which militates against animal exploitation presents images which it claims to have filmed last May within a breeding which “operates 1,500 breeding does (at two breeding sites)”.

Many criticisms

Multiple injuries, illnesses, dead animals, expired medicines… The images are shocking, and the reproaches are numerous. The critical association “sanitary condition” of this breeding where the rabbits would be raised in cages in buildings without windows.

She also criticizes the company for lying about breeding conditions. On its site, the group of which the breeding is a member effectively ensures that “The health and well-being of our rabbits are among our major concerns. » A group made up of 67 breeders who market 2.6 million rabbits per year.

A complaint lodged

Faced with this observation, the L214 association requests the “emergency shutdown” of this breeding. She filed a complaint “for the offense of mistreatment (lack of care for sick or injured rabbits, unsuitable facilities causing suffering, violent handling) and for the offense of abandonment (animals left dying) against [la société], its manager and against the animal health veterinarian. »

Contacted by West Francethe public prosecutor of Rennes confirms having received this complaint.

L214 also asks the prefecture of Ille-et-Vilaine to prohibit an expansion project on the breeding site in Domalain.

Contacted several times, the manager of the breeding has not, for the moment, responded to our requests.

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