La Félicité, a new beacon of Parisian life

NARRATIVE – Since this summer, it is in the former administrative city that the Paris of tomorrow is taking shape. The H-shaped building has a café, an art gallery, a local market, a vast hospitality centre, etc. The Bonnie restaurant and the hotel – SO/Paris – are want the beating heart of this gigantic ocean.

Determined, she crosses the monumental door of the rue Agrippa-d’Aubigné. Her heels click on the marble in a peacock tail, a traditional motif of the Parisian pavement. She crosses the eight tulip columns of the entrance hall, whose interplay of materials between concrete and terrazzo recalls the line of the exceptional flood of the Seine, in 1910. And continues her way in a dark corridor, where the scent of incense, rose and leather envelop it in sensual energy. This free, fiery and sulphurous woman rushes into an elevator: destination fifteenth floor. The cabin opens, here it is in its element. She is Bonnie, the new fictional heroine of the Paris Society group (Gigi, Maison Russe, Mun, Girafe…), founded in 2008 by Laurent de Gourcuff, owner of the most beautiful terraces in the golden triangle. It took a personality of this caliber to get him out of his usual perimeter and take up residence in the 4e borough.

The meaning of the party

City dweller and a bit petulant…

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