Ligue 1 – 4th day: the TFC bows against stunning Nantes and loses its first match of the season (3-1)

the essential
Toulouse lost to Nantes after leading the score in the first period (3-1). A first setback this season which raises the shortcomings of the Toulouse workforce to discuss with the leaders of the championship

The movie of the game

14′: on a deep pass from Branco van den Boomen, Zakaria Aboukhlal imposes himself physically on his left side. He opens the scoring by deceiving Alban Lafont with a left footed recovery.

50′: On his left side, the Nantes push and Moses Simon finds himself in the center position. He finds Evan Guessand beating Dupé with a cross head.

55′: FC Nantes doubles the bet! This time it is on the right that Evan Guessand advances to get rid of Van den Boomen and Aboukhlal to cross. Mostafa Mohamed arrives launched and scores a goal with a header.

61′ : The third Nantes goal, that of the break! Once again it is from a wing that the danger came. On a strong center, Mohamed puts on Simon by controlling the chest. The Nigerian scores from close range.

Toulouse collapse in the second half

Antoine Koumbouaré made tactical adjustments after returning from the locker room. On the bench at the start of the match, Ludovic Blas made his entrance in front of his public accompanied by Mostafa Mohamed. If the first gave the binder in the game, the second distinguished himself with a goal and an assist.

The second period started well for the Violets, however, with an offensive and a goal opportunity missed by Onaiwu, who entered at the break in place of Begraoui. But the people of Nantes quickly took over the match to score three goals in about twenty minutes. Philippe Montanier’s players did not stop their efforts, but deprived of balls, they had to suffer the percussions of Nantes.

Lessons from the game

Once again, the Toulouse workforce is showing its limits in this Ligue 1 match. Struggling on the sides, the team lacks depth in the full-back position. Like Desler who had a very complicated match. Entering the place of Ratao in the 59th, Olivier Zandén must still work to bring himself to the level of Ligue 1.

However, the Toulousans showed that they knew how to animate the game and find the way to the goals. In the offensive animation, the Violets are still too naive and have lacked accuracy, shortcomings that do not forgive against the teams installed in the first division.

On Wednesday, Toulouse host PSG at the Stadium. Against the offensive power of Paris, it will be necessary to close ranks to avoid a correction at home. The TFC loses its first game of the season this Sunday, while Nantes has just had its first success.

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