Ligue 2: big scare for Rodez players on board the plane to Guingamp … the match postponed

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The tragedy was certainly avoided. The match between the RAF and Guingamp (7th day of Ligue 2) this Friday, September 2 is officially postponed after an engine problem with the plane carrying the Ruthénois.

This Friday, September 2, as part of the 7th day of Ligue 2, the RAF moves on the lawn of Guingamp, after the defeat Tuesday evening against Metz at home (4-1). The match is officially postponed “due to a problem related to the trip of the Rodez team” (press release).

ud83dudea8ud83dudea8 Guingamp-Rodez most likely cancelled/postponed.
Official announcement expected shortly.
Rodez had a plane problem and had to return to the starting point.
More info to follow.#EAGRAF

– Pierre HENRY-DUFEIL (@PierreHD) September 2, 2022

As usual, the players boarded an Amelia airline plane this morning around 9:30 a.m. About fifteen minutes after takeoff, a strange smell of burning invites itself on board the aircraft.

The pilot, alerted, had to turn around when he was above Brive-la-Gaillarde, around 9:50 a.m., to avoid a possible tragedy. The plane returned to its starting point and landed without difficulty at 10:07 a.m. at Rodez airport. A great scare for Laurent Peyrelade’s players, many of whom do not feel ready to return to a plane, according to our information.

The rules require that canceled matches be replayed the next day at 3 p.m. (this Saturday therefore). Still shocked by what has just happened, or rather what could have happened much sadder, the Rodez club could plead with the Competitions Commission for “exceptional circumstances” in order to postpone the match to a later date. later than Saturday. The goal is that the only concern in the minds of “blood and gold” is the meeting against Guingamp.

In 2004, the Ruthenians had already avoided tragedy when the door of their plane had exploded over the Mediterranean after the device had been hit by lightning. The RAF was playing at that time against Bastia.

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