Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters will be heard by the Senate on Tuesday

Liverpool and Real Madrid fans will be able to speak to the Senate about the incidents on the sidelines of the Champions League final on May 28. The Football Supporters Association Europe (FSE) and two groups of Reds supporters, Spirit of Shankly and the Association of Disabled Supporters, are due to be heard by the chamber next Tuesday at 4.30pm, while the participation of Real Madrid supporters is expected to be “promptly confirmed”.

On Tuesday morning, at 9:30 a.m., senators are due to hear from two UEFA officials, UEFA Events Managing Director Martin Kallen and European Affairs Director Julien Zylberstein. Then at the end of the afternoon, Mathieu Hanotin, the PS mayor of Saint-Denis, where the Stade de France is located, will be auditioned in turn.


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