Long live Elon Musk! | The Journal of Montreal

If the trend continues, shirt merchants will soon be doing a bang.


Because since the announcement of the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, a significant part of the media class has torn up theirs to publicly mark their indignation.

She can no longer express her disgust and expresses out loud her desire to leave this social network.

Why? Because Elon Musk intends to restore freedom of expression as much as possible there, by breaking with the logic of censorship that has been installed there for some time now.

But these people are wary of freedom of expression. They see it as the guise of hate speech and misinformation.


Let’s look at these two arguments.

What is hate speech?

For our progressives, hate speech is speech that opposes any claims associated with those who claim to speak on behalf of “minorities.”

But we can reverse the argument: aren’t our media elites hateful when they equate any form of frontal ideological disagreement with the “extreme right”? Similarly, when we equate the rejection of multiculturalist ideology with xenophobia, or the defense of the insurmountable nature of the male-female duality with transphobia, aren’t we falling into hate speech?

And here we touch on the issue of misinformation.

Let me give a French example.

Last summer, a controversy shook our cousins. Family planning, a feminist association turned woke, published a poster assuming that a man can be “pregnant”.

As you will have understood, this association, supported by the French government, believes that the fact that a biological woman decides to identify as a man and becomes pregnant makes it possible to affirm that a man can be pregnant.

In the same spirit, I suppose that tomorrow a man will be able to consult his gynecologist and a woman to have cancer of the penis.

But as far as I am concerned, this assertion is misinformation and represents a fake newsas long as we take biology a little seriously.

Problem: By saying this, I risk being accused of both hate speech and misinformation. And that should be enough to censor me on Twitter. It has already happened to many for this reason, or for similar reasons.


We come to freedom of expression: our world is no longer capable of agreeing on elementary realities. Therefore, unless we censor those who see things differently from us, only maximum freedom of expression can open up public debate, to prevent it from being confiscated by ideological tendencies believing they have a monopoly on the truth, just and good.

Censorship is not only the enemy of freedom, but also of intelligence.

That Elon Musk intends to restore his rights to freedom of expression will certainly depress the mundane left who will see his media hegemony weakened, but that should rejoice those who do not despair of a free society, a little noisy and raspy, of course, but still alive.

And for that, without the slightest hesitation, I write it today: long live Elon Musk!

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