Longoria’s explanations on the aborted transfer of Bamba Dieng

Very close to Leeds and especially Nice where he failed the medical examination, Bamba Dieng is finally still in the workforce of OM the day after the closing of the transfer window. Marseille President Pablo Longoria gave his explanations on this file on Friday at a press conference.

This is undoubtedly the most commented on false start of this end of the transfer window. Thursday, OM striker Bamba Dieng ignited money time. Courted by Leeds and Nice, the Senegalese international (22) saw his transfer aborted at the Aiglons during the medical examination, just minutes from the closing of the transfer market. At the time of taking stock of the transfer window of his club, Pablo Longoria spoke for the first time about this real-false start from an economic angle.

“We would be more comfortable if we had sold Bamba Dieng, admitted the president of OM at a press conference. But we can achieve a very good economic result at the end of the season.”

“There are open markets”

Relaunched on the reasons for this aborted transfer to the medical examination, Pablo Longoria then expressed differences of point of view: “These are different medical visions, he judges. Nice considers one thing, we consider something else. In training, he tried to do a backheel and he injured his tendon. This is the only injury. In all the medical tests, our doctors considered him fit for high competition. The doctors of Senegal also considered him fit. But there are different medical views on the player. I don’t know what happened yesterday (Thursday). And Longoria to continue kicking in touch on a possible anger: “No but there was an agreement, the player wanted to go there (in Nice), we reached an agreement, but after the agreement was not recorded. Then there are open markets and he can be recruited as a joker.”

If Bamba Dieng did not leave on Thursday, Pablo Longoria indicated that a departure cannot be ruled out in a country where the transfer market is still open like in Turkey (closing on September 8).

He denies his dismissal

Very talkative on this file, Longoria also indicated that there were no more negotiations with Nice despite an agreement reached on Thursday. He also denied a dismissal of his striker by Igor Tudor and defended his choice to recruit Luis Suarez in place of the Senegalese: “For my vision of football, and which is also that of Tudor. the president must do the president and the coach must be the coach. The only decision we made together was no longer a single player in his last year of contract. We never made the decision to dismiss a player. He’s a good player , he is African champion. but there are changes and it is up to the coach to make the technical choices, each match, each training session. If it wasn’t like that, it wouldn’t work. Luis Suarez, we considered it to be the best option to improve the squad. It’s a question of profile. We are very happy with Luis Suarez.” OM will travel to Auxerre on Saturday for the 6th day of Ligue 1.

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