Looting of 2 Lea Trading stores in Cap-Haitien: the company’s board of directors reacts


Thursday, October 13, 2022 ((rezonodwes.com))–

The Board of Directors of Leah Trading, thanks its customers, friends and competitors who expressed their sympathy after the looting of its two stores, one in Vertières (Champin) and the other in downtown Cap.

This targeted violence contrasts with the customs of the inhabitants of the city of Cape Town, known for their hard work and their pride. It is all the more inexplicable as the owners do not belong to any political chapel and work without discrimination with all strata of the population.

The acts of vandalism of this day of legitimate demands have perverted the objective of the population which is fighting for betterment. In less than an hour, they caused a group of men and women to lose the investment and the sacrifices of a lifetime.

The members of the Board of Directors strongly condemn these reprehensible and shameful acts, and call on the authorities to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. They reiterate their desire to continue to fight to find the necessary means to create jobs that foster growth and well-being for the community.

Furthermore, the members of the Board of Directors, always respectful of their commitments, will do their best to honor all their obligations. As for the customers who have placed their trust in them by adopting their products, they want to reassure them of their determination to resume activities as soon as the conditions are met.

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