Lyons. An individual and his aggressive dog bring hell to residents: “a sick noise”

A man, alcoholic and aggressive, squats the front of the Madison store, in the 6th arrondissement.  Residents and traders can't take it anymore.
A man, alcoholic and aggressive, squats the front of the Madison store, in the 6th arrondissement. Residents and traders can’t take it anymore. (©DR)

Leila did not expect this when moving to the 6th arrondissement. This mother of a teenager, who lived on the Presqu’Île during the busy period of urban rodeos, expected to find a quiet place on the Franklin-Roosevelt course. Far from there…

A homeless man, often drunk and accompanied by an aggressive dog, has been squatting in the front of the Madison shoe store for two years, from 10 p.m. until the store opens at 10 a.m. “Some nights, they bellow with his drunk buddies. His dog only barks, it makes a sick noise, it wakes people up, ”complains the resident.

A trader bitten by the dog: “it’s a disaster”

Julia has been an employee of the shoe store for 18 years. She doesn’t experience nighttime nuisances… On the other hand, every morning, she has to deal with this gentleman who is still drunk. “We don’t know what to do anymore. It’s a nightmare every morning. When you see the state of the airlock, which stinks of urine, it’s a disaster. »

Worse still, the dog has already jumped on her and bit her. “I’ve had the trace of fangs for ten days. A colleague even went to the emergency room because of it. Once, he even killed a small dog, ”she says, exhausted by this situation which has lasted since the first confinement.

“It smells too much of urine”

Ensign Madison of 35 Cours Franklin-Roosevelt has already contacted the police on several occasions, including the municipal one. “The last time I called them was at the end of July. It was 10:20 a.m. and he was drunk against the store door. The police didn’t even come. »

Julia and her colleagues feel abandoned. She continues: “A policewoman told me that we could consider ourselves lucky not to be at the Guillotière. Nobody moves. I can’t even open the door of the shop because it smells too much of urine,” she laments.

Women facing “a beefy and alcoholic man”

In the morning, if she “shakes him a little” to make him wake up, the individual, who does not speak French, attacks her. “He’s not happy then, he pulls down his pants and makes obscene gestures, then his dog jumps on us. He is immediately vulgar. We are women and we find ourselves facing a strong and alcoholic man. »

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Leila, the local resident who has been experiencing these nuisances since her arrival on May 29, 2022, recently ranted in a Facebook group. She was surprised to see that all the residents knew about it but no one was doing anything. “How long will it last? she wonders.

“There are even rats during the day”

The Madison store was considering installing a closing curtain to end this problem. “It costs 8,000 euros and it’s too expensive for the brand,” regrets Julia.

“We never had a problem before, says the employee. We even helped a small couple of Roma who slept in front. They were nice, we helped them… They always left the place clean. There, we find the doormat full of dead fleas from the dog, there are even rats that arrive during the day. »

Unlivable, the situation could however continue for a long time. “This gentleman, a drug addict and alcoholic, refuses any social assistance,” says Leila, who is fed up with nighttime nuisances after having suffered the urban rodeos under her windows in her previous apartment, rue des Capucins.

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