Manapany green gecko: an endemic species to be protected

Being able to measure up to 13 centimeters, the Manapany gecko is recognizable thanks to its green color and its red lines on the head. Despite its cute side, the animal could disappear in the next few years.

Diurnal and arboreal, the Manapany gecko lives in the trees and more particularly in the vacoas that can be found by the sea. A few decades ago, there were several tens of thousands of specimens in Reunion. Today there are only a few thousand.

Protect our little lizard

Hiding in the vacoas of St. Joseph, the endangered Manapany green gecko is protected by some locals, as Bruno explains: “For 4 years, we have kept our trees in which they nest like vacoas and seaside trees. We try to do our best to preserve them.“, he confides.

Proposed by the Nature Océan Indien association, a conference was held to raise awareness about geckos. The Reunionese were there, anxious to protect the Péï lizard: “It clearly represents Reunion, so it’s important to know more”, indicates a woman. Another continues:It is true that it is something important since it is an animal that risks disappearing since it is only in the south of the island. It’s interesting to have more information to know him better“, she concludes.

Attention danger for the gecko

Threatened by other exotic species from Reunion, the little green lizard must be protected: “Being careful when moving pots or taking his car helps protect himexplains Nicolas Huet, in charge of studies within the association Nature Océan Indien, you have to be careful not to have exotic geckos in your car, at the risk of introducing them into environments where they are absent“, he indicates.

The Manapany green gecko is a species on the verge of extinction, a good reason to protect it.

Patrick Riviere.


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