Martigny (VS): Setback for the “Flying Cow” restaurant in the water carafe affair


Martigny (VS)Setback for the “Flying Cow” restaurant in the water carafe affair

Only 8 Internet users out of the 700 who had castigated on Facebook the prices of the “Flying Cow” restaurant were convicted by the Cantonal Court.

7.50 francs per liter of tap water. This is what you have to pay at the “Vache qui Vole” in Martigny for blue gold. Amount that scandalized a client. He split a Facebook post where he said: “She (the Flying Cow) is stealing from us”. The restorers had then deposited defamation suit against 700 people including Internet users who have commented, liked or even shared the publication. Only eight people were sentenced by the Public Ministry on the grounds that they had “overstepped the mark”.

For the others, there was no attack on honor, we learn “The Newbie”. A decision accepted by the Cantonal Court. Judge Florence Troillet believes that the comments damage professional reputation only. Me Sébastien Fanti, lawyer for the restaurateurs, has not yet decided whether he intends to take the case to the Federal Court.

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