Meal vouchers: ceiling amount, eligible products… update on all the changes

The conditions of use of restaurant vouchers will change at the start of the school year in September 2022 following several changes made by the law on purchasing power voted by deputies. We take a look at the changes.

Your lunch break is changing. Since August 18, the 4.5 million employees who benefit from restaurant vouchers can indeed use their cards or restaurant vouchers for (almost) all their food shopping while the cap will be reassessed again, reports the JDD.

Which products are eligible?

In detail, these are all food products, directly edible or not (rice, pasta, flour, eggs, unprocessed meat or fish, etc.). These can be paid for in meal vouchers until December 31, 2023.

So far, only the consumption of a meal, directly edible food preparations (sandwiches, salads, dairy products, etc.) – to be reheated or thawed – and fruits and vegetables – whether directly edible or not – were allowed.

New for the daily cap

This is another major change: the daily ceiling for the use of meal vouchers, i.e. the maximum amount that an employee can pay per day with meal vouchers, should increase. In any case, it was a promise from Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy.

Currently at 19 euros, it had already doubled during the pandemic to reach 38 euros, before returning to its initial ceiling on July 1.

The new ceiling proposed by the Bercy tenant will this time be 25 euros. The measure must be validated at the beginning of September during a meeting of the National Commission for restaurant vouchers, specifies The Parisian. It should come into force by decree no later than 1er october.

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