Meal vouchers, fuel discount, student aid… What changes on September 1st

4:53 p.m., August 31, 2022

It has become almost a habit this year to try to counter the inflation that affects our country. On the first of each month, new aid is put in place to help the population. And this month of September will not escape the rule. On the 1st of the month, the French will thus benefit from several boosts in this back-to-school week for all. Aid which finds its sources in the Purchasing Power law voted last August in Parliament.

Restaurant tickets and several social minima revalued

This is one of the major reforms of this fall. The daily ceiling for restaurant vouchers will drop from 19 euros to 25 euros. ” A decree to be published shortly will increase the maximum amount of meals or food products payable in restaurant vouchers to 25 euros per working day. “, informs the official site of the French administration.

But that’s not all. From this Thursday, several social benefits will be reassessed. Retirement pensions, the activity bonus, the RSA and the allowance for disabled adults will be increased by 4%. Just like the personalized housing aid which will also be increased by 3.5%.

A (new) rebate at the pump

This is perhaps the symbol of this galloping inflation. Prices at the pump have risen to prices never reached in France in recent months. According to the latest figures from the State, they are currently around 1.9488 euros per litre. Faced with this, the government will increase the price of its rebate. From 18 cents, it will drop to 30 cents until November 1. Once this date is reached, it will be reduced to 10 cents per liter of fuel, until December 31.

New help for students

They often nicknamed themselves ” the forgotten of the crisis “. Students will also benefit from several boosts. Scholarships paid on social criteria will be increased by 4% at the start of the school year. ” The 1 euro meal system operated by the Crous, for precarious students, will be maintained throughout the 2022-2023 academic year. “, also specifies the government

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Other aid that should be paid in the next few days. All students who benefit from scholarships based on social criteria or APL will receive an “exceptional” back-to-school bonus of 100 euros.

The Lemoine law extended to all

Last measure to come into force this Thursday: the second part of the Lemoine Law, adopted last February. This law provides fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market “.

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As of September 1, all borrowers will be able, when they wish, to change their current loan insurance, free of charge. It will also no longer be necessary to answer the medical questionnaire for a mortgage with a value of less than 200,000 euros per person, provided that the end of it occurs before the borrower turns 60.

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