Mercato: like Cristiano Ronaldo, a Real Madrid figure would have made Mbappé pay

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It was ages ago. More than thirteen years ago, when Cristiano Ronaldo, then at Manchester United, decided to leave the Premier League to join, with great fanfare, Real Madrid. A shock transfer that had shaken the football planet and to which a former merengue president, Ramon Calderon, rightly returned.

The latter is well placed to comment on the transactions since he was in charge of the file. And on behalf of El Confidencial, he did not hesitate to draw a parallel with the aborted transfer of Kylian Mbappé a few weeks ago.

“At the time, if Cristiano backed down, he had to pay us 30 million euros, and if we backed down, we would pay him the 30 million. It was the way to respect what had been agreed. Manchester didn’t want to sell him and finally decided to follow his will. That’s why what happened with Mbappé surprises me. I thought that the leaders of Real Madrid had done the same thing and had a guaranteed agreement. It happened something that we don’t know, but if you offer 200 million euros to PSG, as the president admitted to his partners during the preliminary sessions of the assembly, it is because you had to have something more than the player’s word. I’m surprised there was no penalty.”

to summarize

PSG striker Kylian Mbappé, so long courted by Real Madrid, has finally extended with the capital club. A decision to which a former president of Real returned, who still wonders is still on the underside of the fiasco.

Benjamin Danet

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