Mercato: Riolo redoes an announcement on Zidane, Campos has a plan B at Galtier, Pochettino will be expensive

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Busy news, this Saturday, on the front of rumors linked to PSG! Most obviously revolves around the identity of the future coach. To begin with, L’Equipe assures that Mauricio Pochettino would have been told yesterday Friday that he would not go to the end of his contract, which runs until 2023. Now all that remains is to negotiate the terms of the separation with his lawyer, and including the check he is going to cash. The national daily speaks of 15 M€.

To replace him, it is obviously a question of Zinédine Zidane, despite yesterday’s denials. Daniel Riolo, at the origin of this rumor with his statements on Thursday, maintained his version on RMC: “Zidane is the number one priority”. According to him, the emir would give full powers to the 98 world champion, despite the arrival of Luis Campos. L’Equipe roughly confirms this information but assures that the new PSG football adviser is working on his own tracks. Christophe Galtier is the main one. But the Marseillais hardly pleases the Qataris with his austere style of play and his little European experience. Campos would therefore have a plan B in the form of a young foreign coach, who would not be Portuguese and whose identity has not filtered. In any case, as long as Pochettino has not been officially fired, nothing will be formalized concerning the new coach.

to summarize

Mauricio Pochettino would have been told by the leaders of PSG that he would no longer be at the club next season. He’s going to leave with a very large check. To replace him, Daniel Riolo thinks that Zinédine Zidane is the priority but Luis Campos is working on several tracks, including Christophe Galtier and a young coach.

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