Millau: three raptors treated at the Wildlife Rescue Center have successfully taken off

The birds were released on Wednesday August 24, at the beginning of the afternoon, by the association.

“It’s a real privilege, a moment of happiness for us”, testifies Jacky Brard, co-president of the Caussenard Wildlife Rescue Center, very moved by this moment. On Wednesday August 24, at 2 p.m., the association made an appointment with a few nature enthusiasts to enjoy the release of two black kites and D’a buzzard on the banks of the Dourbie.

Released on the heights

A place chosen knowingly, because it is quite suitable for the good flight of these birds. Unlike vultures, generally released on the heights.

“We had to heal them and re-muscle them”

These three birds of prey have been taken care of by the Center since this summer. They know a different fate, since the buzzard was the victim of an impact with a vehicle while the kites were rescued by private individuals, who found them for one in their yard, and for the other, in the water, before entrusting them to the association.

Before resuming their flight, they were cared for and pampered by the staff. “We had to heal them and then re-muscle them before considering first flying, then this return to freedom”explains Karine Villeneuve, animal caretaker and employee of the association.

700 animals saved per year

This collective, historically based in the South of Aveyron, is now established throughout the entire department and even in Lozère. Last year, they rescued 700 animals of all kinds. “We intervene on all wild animals. It can be small game, partridges, foxes, birds of prey, it’s very varied”says Jacky Brard.

Currently, the Center accommodates around twenty animals, in particular “hedgehogs, squirrels, a jay, or even a tawny owl”, says Karine Villeneuve. A job praised by Cathy Jouve, elected to the environment and ecology at the City of Millau. “I’m here to support them because they do a lot for wildlife. These people have real skills.”

A work carried out throughout the year by many volunteers who intervene to rescue, heal and then maintain these animals. “The releases are always a great reward, it allows us to realize the work undertaken”, says the co-chair.

In the meantime, the group continues its operations, pending further releases.

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