Misadventure of a couple in a restaurant: the controversy swells

The Algerian web has been carried away in recent days about the treatment reserved for a couple who had lunch in a pizzeria in Bou-Ismail in the wilaya of Tipasa.

The couple in question were asked to leave the venue after another patron complained about behavior they deemed inappropriate.

The couple defended themselves on social networks from any behavior contrary to morality while complaining of the treatment deemed unworthy of a server of the said establishment against them.

After the controversy swelled, the owner of the establishment responded to the criticisms made by wanting to bring his version of the facts.

Covered face, the manager of “Pizza Del Forno” began by explaining that the couple were well received when they arrived at the restaurant.

He claimed the couple behaved inappropriately, prompting a reaction from another customer who complained. An attitude that did not please the husband.

“We do not tolerate this kind of behavior”

“We talked to him. He then started to exclaim, telling us that the one who was at his side was his wife and that she was free to do what she liked, ”says the manager of the pizzeria who preferred to hide his face.

He denies any hostile attitude towards the couple. “Why out of 20 tables, we are only directed to the one (where the couple was seated)? “, Argues the restaurateur who accused the couple of behavior qualified as contrary to morality and the rules of propriety “that society does not tolerate”.

The manager of the establishment deplores the campaign against his establishment that the couple launched on social networks. The wife, who said she had to show the family notebook, called to stop going to this pizzeria.

“Someone who has a family book must not commit such acts and in front of the public”, launches the manager of the establishment.

“We have principles. We did everything so that the affair did not escalate, but he (the husband) made these things boil over, and people misinterpreted things, ”continued the owner of the pizzeria. “We are a respectable establishment and we do not tolerate this kind of behavior,” he concluded.

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