Miscellaneous – Justice | Rapper Timal films himself hitting his dog, the 30 million friends foundation files a complaint

The video lasts a few seconds but quickly went viral. Tuesday evening, the rapper from Champs-Sur-Marne Timal posted a video on his Snapchat account. At the very beginning of the sequence, the one who recently collaborated with Booba, shows puddles, suggesting that the animal would have urinated on the ground. Right after, Timal kicks him numerous times, punctuated by “asshole go“.

The video was deleted about 20 minutes after its publication but the indignation had already taken hold. Quickly, Internet users shared their anger and some called for a boycott. Shortly after, the rapper justifies himself by claiming “educate him“.

These images also made animal defense associations react. The 30 million friends foundation announces that it has filed a complaint for animal abuse and has “retrieved and secured” the dog.

For its part, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation recalls that violence against animals “is an offense punishable by 4 years in prison and a fine of 60,000 euros when committed by the owner of the animal“.

This story echoes that of footballer Kurt Zouma, implicated in early 2022 after the broadcast of a video where he was seen mistreating his cat. The latter pleaded guilty last May before the British courts.

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