Montblanc: two horses and a goat recovered in poor condition by the SPA

For several days two horses and a goat, in a delicate situation in a meadow, in Montblanc had to be sheltered. A resident of the town had reported on social networks that they were starving and in danger.

This Thursday, Nathalie, an employee of the Villeneuve-lez-Maguelone SPA managed to have two horses and a goat removed from their owner. The latter, even if they had food brought from time to time by volunteers, were left in a meadow without water or food and in full sun. They were severely emaciated and in a fragile state of health.

Picked up this Thursday

This Thursday, they were recovered, at the request of the public prosecutor of Béziers and sheltered on a site kept secret, for fear of thefts and so that they could recover their health. The operation took place early in the morning in the presence of the municipal police officers of Montblanc who played a big role in the success of this rescue, but also in the presence of the gendarmes of Pézenas.

Visit a veterinarian

At the beginning of next week, the two horses will be seen by a veterinarian. They will be wormed as a priority because they have been too long on land that does not suit them. A farrier will then come to trim them and take care of their teeth which have grown out of control.

According to our information, the owners, without bad intentions, were unable to properly care for these animals. They did not create any real difficulties for the authorities when it came to taking their animals away from them.

The goat has been placed in a foster family who owns many goats and will also be monitored by a veterinarian.

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