Mustard: the 5 best alternatives to this condiment

While jars of mustard are scarce on supermarket shelves due to a war-related shortage in Ukraine, here are some alternatives that can spice up your cooking.


Very present in Alsace, horseradish is an old, little-known vegetable whose grated roots have a pungent taste reminiscent of mustard. It can be combined with vinegar or cream for a smoother preparation. Chefs often use it in gastronomy to spice up their dishes.


Also called green mustard, wasabi is the condiment that all Japanese love. From a small plant that bears the same name, this preparation is so spicy that it is best to use it sparingly to avoid discomfort. It is usually served with a sushi platter.


Combined with oil and vinegar, Roquefort can also be a serious alternative to mustard, especially in salads. You can also mix this famous cheese with heavy cream for a sauce to pair with a piece of meat.


Made from red peppers, Tabasco is a must in South American cuisine. If the mustard runs out, you can combine a few drops with mayonnaise for a spicy preparation. Pay attention to the dosage: the sauce is known to be explosive.

Mustard seed production has fallen nearly 30% in Canada, the world's largest exporter.

Worcestershire sauce

This English specialty contains vinegar and garlic which gives it a spicy taste. It is used in particular in the preparation of the sauce of the Caesar salad. But it can be useful in many other recipes. Mixed with a little mayonnaise, it can replace mustard.

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