Mysterious ‘creature’ spotted in Texas zoo: Netizens are launching wild theories (photos)


© Twitter City of Amarillo

The zooAmarillo in Texas has been making a lot of noise lately because of a strange phenomenon… a unidentified form that was filmed inside the park. There is just one problem: the zooAmarillo have no idea what it is.

The zooAmarillo captured an eerie image outside the zoo in the dark and early morning of May 21 at around 1.25am“, explained the city of Amarillo in a recent tweet relayed by Today.

The photo from grainy black-and-white CCTV footage shows a creepy-looking creature walking upright behind the zoo’s fence.

Michael Kashuba, director of parks and recreation for the city of Amarillo, told Newsweek that this particular footage was uncovered when employees conducted a casual review of surveillance footage, which led to a discussion about who or what was contained in the image. “It’s some kind of anomaly, a unique image“, did he declare.

Is it a person with a weird hat who likes to walk around at night? A chupacabra (a fantasy creature with red eyes)? Completely crazy theories are linked on social networks.

And, of course, the public responded – but they didn’t necessarily give the right answers. Some were certain that the unidentified object was simply a human in animal disguise.

Others were sure it was just a coyote. Either way, amateur sleuths work tirelessly. But for now, the unidentified zoo visitor remains a mystery.

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