Near Montpelier. Fabrègues: two dogs on the loose attack and kill cats

Two Malinois on the loose in Fabrègues
Two Malinois on the loose in Fabrègues (©Facebook)

Social networks are buzzing Fabregues, west of Montpellier, where two dogs left free by their owner attacked cats. Two died. The municipal police was alerted.

Since last May and again recently, according to residents of this town, dogs are chased by two malinois dogs, who were photographed, without leash or muzzle, but each with a collar, wandering in particular in the streets Calmette, des Félibres, de l’Occitane and chemin de la Blanquette.

“They play with dead cats”

More serious, according to Céline, a resident of a housing estate, the two dogs chased and killed two felines “It happened in front of my house, this time, they were not alone, but accompanied by their master who lives in the village, by dint of hearing dogs barking abnormally, I went out and saw the malinois with two dead cats. Their owner told me that his dogs were playing with dead cats, except that it was a lie, since I heard the cats meowing in fear, while the dogs were barking. I told him what I thought and that I was alerting the police, he immediately left the scene with his dogs.

150 cats disappear

On social networks, inhabitants of Fabrègues express their concern and their fear in the face of these malinois in freedom, in particular those who have dogs and cats. No link exists with another affair which is taking place in the Hérault and which has persisted for two years: 150 cats have already disappeared in suspicious and mysterious circumstances in villages in the southern sector of Clermont-l’Hérault towards the Thau basin, such as in Puilacher, Plaissan, Tressan, Paulhan or Pouget. These are domestic felines that roam quietly in the streets of these nearby towns, but 150 of them have not returned home, as they did every day.

A dedicated email

Owners of these cats have created a dedicated email to these unexplained disappearances: [email protected], like another Petalert site. They alerted the Montpellier Metropolis SPA, who announces to file a complaint, not excluding the existence of one. organized traffic, felines being sought for their skins. Details confirmed by a victim of theft: cats were found skinned. And other clues that go in the hypothesis of traffic, the SPA of the Metropolis of Montpellier discovered traces on cat traps in this area located west of Gignac.

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