Netflix, Disney+… for Elon Musk, streaming platforms are responsible for piracy

Research has shown that the fragmented streaming landscape is keeping piracy relevant, rather than making it go away. This Wednesday, February 23, on Twitter, Elon Musk did not hesitate to once again give his opinion in the jungle of streaming services, reports the Torrentfreak site. True to form, the richest man on the planet used the famous “distracted boyfriend” meme to illustrate his point. “Entertainment becomes a username/password/2FA nightmare,” he tweeted a few hours ago.

The tweet comes with no further context, but it’s clear that the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX isn’t entirely happy with the paid streaming ecosystem in its current form. From there to using The Pirate Bay is another matter. Paying subscription fees shouldn’t be a problem for the eccentric billionaire. In theory, he could just be annoyed by having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Or is it just a troll.

Whatever the reasoning, many hackers should feel emboldened by this support. Some have started tweeting other memes, hoping Elon Musk will pick them up too. And indeed, shortly after posting his original post, the Tesla boss liked another tweet from Antonio Lievano, CEO of marketing agency Perfeos, who posted another streaming/piracy theme.


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