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SpaceX, has again just made people talk about it. In fact, after sending its XXL rocket into space, the Falcon Heavy, the space agency launched its high-powered spacecraft into space again on Tuesday. Three years after a first attempt, the boss of SpaceX, Elon Musk solicited by the American army on behalf of a mission, decided to try another experiment. In this framework, using the Falcon Heavy rocket, satellites were launched on behalf of the US military.

As hoped, the operation codenamed USSF-44, since that is what the army is all about, went well but much more. The reason is that unlike in 2019, agency officials managed to get to them from the landing zone two boosters located on the first stage of the rocket. It is a successful bet for the agency since it is the objective that it had set itself at the start of the launch of the spinning device even if it would have liked to also bring back the central booster.

Other Falcon Heavy missions

It must be said that SpaceX has already recorded several such missions to its credit since 2019. Apart from this successful feat which took place this 1er November, other applicants benefited from the services of the agency twice in a row by requesting the Falcon Heavy rocket. These include the shipment of experimental satellites for the US Department of Defense and the shipment of another gigantic satellite for Saudi Arabia’s Arabsat Company.

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