News | Elon Musk to the planet: “Make more babies”

By La Provence (with AFP)

The richest man in the world, entrepreneur Elon Musk, himself a father of ten children, called on his contemporaries on Monday to have “more babies”, considering that the demographic decline was one of the most pressing challenges of the planet.

Believe me: baby crisis is a big deal“, the 51-year-old businessman told reporters in Stavanger, southwestern Norway, where he was due to attend an energy conference.

Asked about the biggest challenges facing the world, the founder of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla certainly cited the transition to renewable energies but he immediately continued on the birth rate, “one of (his) favorite preoccupations, perhaps less known“.

In Western societies, as in extremely populated countries such as China, the birth rate continues to decline due in particular to the aging of the population.

It’s important that people have enough babies to perpetuate civilization“, he said.

It is said that civilization could disappear with a boom or a moan. If we don’t have enough children, we will die in a moan (wearing) adult diapers. It will be depressing“, he added.

Yes, make more babies“, he concluded. “At least make enough babies to maintain the population. We don’t want the population to fall so low that we end up disappearing“.

Divorced three times, Mr. Musk is the father of ten children, one of whom died at 10 weeks. One of them, a transgender girl, recently filed a formal request to change her surname along with her gender in order to sever all ties with her father.

And the American press recently revealed that he had twins in November with a leader of Neuralink, a few weeks before the birth of Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, whom he had with the singer Grimes. She is the little sister of “X Æ A-12”, a boy.

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