Nightmare in Netanya: Two women rioted in a restaurant and attacked customers – © Infos-Israel.News

Last night police arrested a woman suspected of rioting and attacking customers at a restaurant with her friend; According to testimonies from the neighborhood, the two young girls threw objects in all directions, insulted the guests, overturned the tables, spat and kicked the employees and guests. Guy Golan, owner of the place said: “I have been in this restaurant for 40 years and I have never experienced such a nightmare”.

Last night police arrested a young woman for questioning on suspicion of rioting and assaulting customers at a restaurant in Netanya. Last night Netanya police opened the search for a second suspect involved in the violent incident

The two women entered the restaurant when it was full of people, and after they had finished eating, they began to revolt cursing the people present, spitting on them, turning the tables and giving kicking employees and guests until they ran away. Meanwhile, officers who arrived at the scene began a search, during which they located one of the two suspects – a 20-year-old resident of Elad who was arrested for questioning. The investigation is continuing.


תושבת אלעד נעצרה בחשד להתפרעות במסעדה בנתניה

Restaurant owner Guy Golan: “The two girls apparently came to the restaurant drinking, when the restaurant was full of tourists and many families. They ordered pasta and steak, and when they finished eating, we saw that they were probably drunk. One of the young women spat on one of the waiters.

“They continued to rave in the restaurant, spitting and causing riots, then they wanted to go dancing in Independence Square. They spat at passers-by and the elderly and insulted them. The police arrived, then during the chase, one of the policemen captured one of the young women on Ussishkin Street.

תושבת אלעד נעצרה בחשד להתפרעות במסעדה בנתניה

A police volunteer along with Itzik Golan, the restaurant owner’s brother, captured one of the young women hiding in the bushes, while her friend ran away shouting: ‘We hate the people of Netanya,’ says Golan . “For long minutes, I tried to reassure the girls that they had to calm down and leave the place and not attack passers-by outside the restaurant. They spat in the restaurant on people’s plates, and diners fled the restaurant in panic. »

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