Olympique Lyonnais – AJ Auxerre Ligue 1 Uber Eats LIVE: follow the match of the 5th day


  • Olympique Lyonnais welcomes AJ Auxerre, this Wednesday evening (7 p.m.), as part of the 5th day of Ligue 1. The match can be watched on Prime Video.
  • Author so far of a good (accounting) start to the championship (two wins in a row), Peter Bosz’s players stalled on Sunday in Reims, where they only managed to snatch a draw (1-1) although paid 11 to 10.
  • Parc OL hopes to see another face of its players against the promoted Burgundian, author of a good little start to the season (7th with 7 points in 4 days) this Wednesday.
  • The compounds:

Olympique Lyonnais: Riou – Gusto, Thiago Mendes, Lubeka, Tagliafico – Caqueret, Lepenant, Faivre – Tetê, Lacazette, Toko Ekambi.

AJ Auxerre: Costil – Pereira, Jubal, Coeff, Mensah – Touré, Raveloson, M’changama – Sinayoko, Ruiz-Atil, Da Costa.

80th: Ohoh this match is not folded thanks to the supersonic counter-attack of AJA. Mathias Autret, who came into play three minutes earlier and served by former Lyonnais Gaëtan Perrin on the spot, won his duel against Riou. But how could OL go so far at 2-0, when the action started with a somewhat desperate strike attempted by Lepenant (and countered).

79th : We must admit, Jean-Marc Furlan treats us on the edge of the sidelines with his cap upside down. Even if for once, it is his colleague Peter Bosz who has just distinguished himself by a quasi-wing of a pigeon next to his bench at the moment.

72nd: Buuuuuuuuuut Lyonnais: here he is the impact player Rayan Cherki. His corner is perfectly taken and Karl Toko Ekambi slips a nice volley out of Costil’s reach. No shit this time against the supporters for the Cameroonian, who confirms his much better match compared to his disaster class in Reims.

68th : Bosz’s turn to coach: Faivre and Tetê, no phews, even if the Brazilian had the merit of scoring, are replaced by Tolisso and Cherki. We are also curious to see what type of return we will have the right concerning the latter. Extended recently, it seems to count more in Bosz’s mind and offered a nice dice pass to Dembélé on Sunday.

63rd : Furlan time: the AJA coach suddenly changes his entire offensive triplet to launch Hein, Perrin and Sakhi. On paper, it’s almost as good, especially Gauthier Hein who was clearly one of the strong men of the accession to the elite last season.

63rd : We are taking advantage of a dead time to inform you, on the transfer window side, that OL have just made official the arrival of the right side of Le Havre (6 L2 games played) and French international U17 Saël Kumbedi, for three seasons. The amount of the transfer of Kumbedi (17 years old), potentially new understudy of Malo Gusto therefore, amounts to 1 million euros, to which could be added a 15% profit-sharing on a possible future capital gain.

58th : Benoît Costil is once again solid on a strike from Toko Ekambi, much better than in Reims. The latter was able to eliminate Pereira, who is having a difficult match, and his attempt was repelled with the tip of the right foot by the AJA goalkeeper.

52nd : Nice little sequence from Caqueret at the entrance to the surface, and it ends with a shot just next to the right post of Costil. It’s still nice to see him more willingly arming than in the previous two seasons, when he has the opportunity, the bugger. OL nevertheless recovered well after this difficult start.

50th: Alexandre Lacazette thought he scored a quiet little goal on a center back from Tetê, but the Brazilian was slightly offside at the start. The decision of Pierre Gaillouste’s assistant is confirmed by the VAR, still 1-0 therefore.

46th: It’s going well in any case if we are to believe this start. On a counter well led by AJA, M’Changama serves Da Costa well in the back of the defense. But the ex-Strasbourger misses his ball and will stumble on a rather convincing exit from Rémy Riou (for this last match of suspension of Lopes), at the limit of his surface.

It’s back here! So, are OL going to be scared, even in this match that they have been playing as they please, as usual for like 7 years? Come live it with us, don’t hesitate.

And it’s the break here, OL have mastered their subject rather well so far, as many clear and clear stats show: 70% possession, 12 shots to 2, nothing to say so far even if this was obviously not hyper flamboyant from start to finish.

42nd : The derby spirit is never far away when you arrive in the 42nd minute at Parc OL (the Loire department for those who land). Reference obviously to the dam lost by the Greens in May against these same Auxerrois.

36th: Arf, Lacazette can legitimately blame Tetê who stole a hell of a goal ball from him at the entrance to the area, arriving like a rascal in this back. The player again on loan from Shakhtar was picked up by an AJA defender behind. A big break point missed on the Lyon side.

29th: And buuuuuuuuut Lyonnais! You could feel it coming as the pressure mounted on Costil’s goal. Top opening from Tagliafico in the back of the Auxerre defense. Toko Ekambi escapes on the left wing and crosses perfectly for Mateus Tetê, opportunist when concluding in the empty goal this beautiful collective movement. From what we have seen for a quarter of an hour, it is frankly deserved for Lyon.

22nd: Popopopo what a rescue from Alexandre Coeff!!!! Lacazette found himself in an excellent position and stole his ball above Costil (who slowed her down slightly), but Coeff pulled away and pushed the ball back over the line with a nice flight, hats off.

19th: Father Costil is hot! Big reflex of the leg on a strike in full surface of Lacazette (what a bad defensive reference of the AJA on the spot). Then in the wake, it comes back to Caqueret who lets go of a big attempt (but full axis) from 18 m. At the time, the former Bordelais is still very solid on his line.

10th: This is the biggest opportunity so far, and it is from Lyon: launched by Caqueret, Toko Ekambi plays Pereira in two stages and penetrates the surface. From ten meters, he fires a shot from the right but comes up against an attentive Costil for his first save of the match.

6th : After a new alert from AJA badly concluded by Raveloson, OL finally get a chance: Karl Toko Ekambi crosses hard for Tetê. But the Brazilian winger, author of a good start to the season, takes too much of his recovery from the left.

3rd : Ouch, already surprisingly average in Reims, Castello Lukeba tears himself apart again quickly in this match by returning a cross to Sinayoko in full surface. The Burgundian strike is too crossed.

6:55 p.m. : On the AJA side, one of the great curiosities is the tenure of Kays Ruiz-Atil, ex-midfielder of PSG but also former partner of… Selma Bacha at FC Gerland (in Lyon so). She spoke about it recently in this interview below, the best French player (who dares to doubt it?).

6:50 p.m. : Well as expected it was a joy on the road this match at 7 pm the day before the start of the school year. Here we are (finally) in place. Lyon squad without further delay, without much surprise except perhaps Faivre preferred to Tolisso in the midfield. After Reine-Adélaïde on Sunday in Reims, it is on him that Bosz is counting this time to try to compensate for the departure of Paqueta.

9 a.m. : To make you wait until tonight, we leave you this subject from yesterday morning going back to the transfer of Lucas Paqueta, and what it implies (spoiler: a crying lack of ambition and a podium which will be even more hard to hang on without the Seleçao playmaker). See you soon friends.

9 a.m. : At a time when the lyrics of I’m forever blowing bubbles are being severely crammed, before his grand premiere as Hammer, this Wednesday evening at the London Stadium against Tottenham, OL are preparing a poster a bit less flashy.

At 7 p.m., it will be a question of resuming in Décines the forward march stopped on Sunday in Reims on a draw (1-1) which looks like the lesser evil. Given the poverty of the Lyon game in the Marne, it is already time to react for Peter Bosz and his men. We will also be curious to see the connection between the Dutch coach and his group, after his 73rd report of incomprehension (even helplessness), since taking office more than a year ago, in the face of a mush in the field. Trivial info of the day: Alexandre Lacazette trades his funky number 91 for a number 10 left vacant, if you followed us. We admit it, it’s our first at the stadium this season, it’s going to be weird to have a Tolisso-Lacazette association that smells good of the era of Christophe Maé’s latest hits (no, not Stéphane, friends from Auxerre). So, dear 20 Minutes, wouldn’t he be at Parc OL, this happiness, in front of the lyrical flights of Jean-Marc Furlan and his surprising AJA 7th in Ligue 1?​

See you at 6:45 p.m. in Décines, if you still remember the way to find the formidable tool (ideal time to start, by the way, it doesn’t smell of Lyon traffic jams at all)…

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