Online trading and social networks

Online trading is an activity that arouses the interest of many investors and traders year after year. This is all the more the case since the appearance of social networks, where its exposure on the Internet has greatly increased.

The best trading sites have therefore taken the folds and have become very present on the web, in order to allow the development of the craze around online trading. Let’s see how to use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to succeed in online trading.

Online trading

Online trading consists of invest in financial assets via a dedicated platform, in order to make profits. It is in particular the role of trader (market operator) who assumes this function. In online trading (via desktop or a mobile application), it will therefore be a question of using platforms that deliver all the necessary information on financial products whatever they are (materials, currencies, actions, etc.). It is the brokers who make these platforms available.

Online trading

The trader thus analyzes the different fluctuations in financial values via its trading platform, and places its purchase orders on it, anticipating a possible rise before the closing. Suffice to say that it is very meticulous work, where it is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the financial markets and the securities that one wishes to follow.

Nevertheless, there is software for beginners, and a lot of information that is delivered by experts to better know and understand the world of trading. You can also follow training courses on trading to learn more and master the contours.

Note : While online trading is an area where many players are rapidly flourishing, let’s not forget that the government is keeping tabs on it. In particular, it warns all users about online trading investments.

Facebook: Information provided by companies

We no longer present Facebook, the most popular social network in the world which has made it possible to develop a real effervescence around social interaction on the Internet. Many companies take advantage of playing with the trend to publish information about their stock market situations as well as numerous trading signals to be able to guide investors and traders wishing to invest.

It is also the ideal place for interact directly with companies and investors using the comments section. This way, everyone will be able to answer your questions and guide you if necessary. Here are some benefits of Facebook to consider:

  • A social network with the largest community,
  • Possible interactions between users and companies,
  • Wide choice of content.

YouTube: Analytics videos

YouTube is a very interesting social platform to follow trading plans and analysis videos online trading. Its latest update is all the more interesting since you can receive notifications directly on your phone to stay on the lookout for the latest videos released on a specific financial market.

YouTube: Analytics videos

Here are the main advantages of YouTube for you to succeed in online trading:

  • Content on the home page that adapts to your preferences,
  • A good educational source and for free,
  • High quality video content.

Twitter: Influencers and the immediacy of information

If you are looking a social network where interaction is privileged, Twitter will therefore be the ideal platform. In particular, you will find the tweets of the main financial regulators, but also of the people with the most influence on the various markets. Here are the advantages of Twitter for online trading:

  • Permanent updates on the platform,
  • A large community of enthusiasts,
  • Ideal for Day trading because the information is live.

Telegram: Follow channels dedicated to trading

Telegram is undoubtedly the most relevant and complete social network to follow the various analyzes related to the financial markets. You can find many channels providing daily trading signals according to the financial market of your choice.

So, if you are more oriented towards Forex, stocks or crypto-currencies, Telegram will be a rich and well-developed source of information. It is also preferred to stay on top of the latest news on the most important events in the financial world. Here’s why using Telegram can help you succeed in online trading:

  • A social network always updated,
  • Many sources of quality information,
  • Simple and very accessible content.

In conclusion

To conclude, whether you are an investor or a trader, beginner or more experienced, the use of social networks in your trading strategy is a very good point. It is essential to follow various sources of information in order to consider your positions from a different angle.

Depending on your profile and the choice of your financial markets, one social network will be more preferred than another. If you are looking for visual content, give preference to YouTube. If you are looking for interactions and exchanges, Facebook and Twitter will be more appropriate. Finally, if you are looking for complete, accessible and quick to access information, Telegram will be more suitable.

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