Ontario: four people in intensive care after eating in a restaurant

A possible poisoning at a restaurant in Markham prompted public health in York Region, Ont., to launch an investigation on Monday.

Public Health in York Region, Ont., launched an investigation on Monday. The poisoning is believed to have been caused by food served over the weekend at Delight Restaurant & BBQ on Castlemore Avenue.

“We suspect it’s a toxin called aconite which can be found in various grasses or roots,” York Region Chief Medical Officer Dr. Barry Pakes Pakes said in an interview with various media.

This substance, which is found in various plants such as wolf grass, can cause burning or tingling sensations, and go so far as to cause vomiting, syncope or heart problems.

York police said the incident was not criminal and no charges have been laid at this time. The restaurant was immediately closed and the owners are cooperating with authorities’ investigation, York Public Health said. He had also passed a health inspection in May.

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