Chronicle – Alexandre Lacazette back at OL: such a great story, such a frustrating career

If you don’t like clichés, move on. This Thursday, it’s a beautiful story being told, it’s a bit of romanticism reappearing in a football sold to the business, it’s the child prodigy who returns home when nothing predestined him for a such fate. This Thursday, the Gone pure-jus Alexandre Lacazette finds its cocoon, the one … Read more

What will happen to the stray dogs and cats of Algiers? Brigitte Bardot is worried!

Stray dogs and cats in Algeria have been victims since the middle of the 19th century of a cruel practice known as “Galoufa” which consists of capturing animals in the streets and killing them brutally. The animals, once captured, are transferred to the headquarters of the government institution, crammed into cages and left for days … Read more

USD/CAD: the greenback is approaching an important support against the Canadian dollar

The greenback could soon regain control against the Canadian dollar USD/CAD has been tumbling for several weeks after rallying to an over-year high in May, but the greenback may soon rebound as it nears important support at around 1.2450. USD/CAD has fallen around 4% in recent weeks on support from oil prices to the Canadian … Read more

Max Verstappen (Red Bull), the cursed of Baku

Who can stop Max Verstappen? After two retirements in three races to start the season of defending his title, “Mad Max” is almost untouchable and Ferrari, Charles Leclerc and the others can only see the damage. On the sequence Imola, Miami, Montmelo, Monaco, the leader of Red Bull has accumulated one hundred points all round, … Read more

Why do giraffes have long necks?

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on Smithsonian Magazine Charles Darwin, famous naturalist whose theory of evolution is now constitutive of modern biology, already took the giraffes in the XIXe century as an example of natural selection. According to him, individuals of this species with the longest necks foraged more easily by grabbing food from … Read more

star link | Elon Musk’s satellites in China’s crosshairs

In the event of a conflict, China must have the means to neutralize SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites, according to a new essay by military researchers from the Middle Kingdom. Elon Musk has donated thousands of Starlink receivers to the Ukrainian military and is developing anti-jamming capabilities to counter Russia. Posted at 12:00 a.m. Mathieu Perreault … Read more