Paris reacts with authority – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (TFC 0-3 PSG)

On the occasion of the 5th day of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain won Toulouse (0-3) this Wednesday evening. A success that allows the Ile-de-France club to retain the lead in the championship.

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The Parisians reacted well after Monaco (1-1).

Three days after the draw conceded at home against AS Monaco (1-1), Paris Saint-Germain reacted well by outclassing Toulouse (3-0) at the Stadium.

Given their superiority, we can speak of a well-deserved victory for the Parisians, who got the main chances. From the start, Messi and Mbapp were not far from taking advantage of a big mess in the area.

The Dupe show!

Nothing to do with the finesse of the actions carried out or concluded by the Argentinian, surprised to see the goalkeeper Dup out his three attempts! It must be said that the Toulouse porter was hot. It was still him who deflected the outside of the foot and the recovery of Mbapp.

Opposite, Toulouse had not yet put the bus. The locals, with a very good Rato, projected themselves against the slightest opportunity. But only Dallinga’s tight angle shot forced Donnarumma to work. Insufficient to disturb an increasingly dominating PSG, and logically rewarded by the goal of Neymar (0-1, 37th) first refused then granted by the VAR after a nice collective movement from the MNM.

The MNM responded presently

PSG would probably have deserved to dig away at halftime. But no matter, as soon as the locker room returned, an offering from Messi allowed Mbapp (0-2, 50th) to shelter his people. The promoted had returned with better intentions but in this form, the Parisian attackers were unstoppable.

Without the Dup show in the cage, Toulouse would have taken a suitcase! Mbapp several times, Vitinha and even incoming Ekitike… All came up against the reflexes of the goalkeeper, except Bernat (0-3, 90th) after a strike from Mbapp on the post. Enough to conclude a logical success and keep the championship lead for PSG.

The score of the match: 6/10

Even if PSG clearly dominated the game, we attended a pleasant meeting. The first half hour of Toulouse was of quality and offered a good opposition. But above all, the combinations of the Parisians delighted.

The goals :

– Served by Verratti in the axis in front of the surface, Mbapp dvies for Messi who launches Neymar in depth in one touch. The Brazilian advances in a duel against Dup and adjusts the Toulouse goalkeeper with the flat foot (0-1, 37th).

– On an opening from Verratti deep on the left side, Messi makes an inside hook, leaves defender Desler on the ground and puts back for Mbapp. With a flat foot and without control, the Parisian striker easily deceived Dup (0-2, 50th).

– After a powerful strike from Mbapp on the post, Bernat, more reactive than the Toulouse defense, shoots Dup! (0-3, 90th).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Lionel Messi (8.5/10)

Able to find Neymar and Mbapp in very small spaces, the PSG playmaker was involved in all the right moves! A decisive double passer for his two teammates, he was a permanent danger with his placement between the lines, his accelerations and his relevant choices in the last meters. He only missed the goals, because of an incredible Dup. Ovationn by the Stadium and replaced the 83rd by Achraf Hakimi (not).


Maxime Dup (8): despite the three goals conceded, we can only applaud the performance of the Toulouse goalkeeper! Heroic, he emerged victorious in numerous duels against the Parisians who would have had an offensive festival without his stops. He saves the Tfc goal average.

Mikkel Desler (3): rather solid in the first period, the right piston completely sank after the break. It was at this point that Mbapp and Mendes’ deep calls multiplied in his area. And to make matters worse, his passivity facilitates Bernat’s goal.

Rasmus Nicolaisen (6): because it is sometimes impossible to keep up with the pace of the Parisian attackers, the central defender was overtaken by certain actions. But he did not hesitate to set foot and thus won important duels. Replace the 46th by Logan Costa (4)unable to manage the problem in depth in the second period.

Anthony Rouault (4): aggressive, well placed and able to anticipate, the central defender was good in his game in the first period. But like his teammates, he had a lot more trouble after half-time. He still tried to project himself to bring the surplus.

Moussa Diarra (4.5): against the incessant attacks of PSG in the axis, the central defender was able to intercept dangerous balls during the first act. Also note good ball outings for the one who also suffered from the pace imposed over the minutes.

Oliver Zandn (2): very discreet on his lane, the left piston hardly accompanied the attacks. He was content to contain Mukiele’s timid climbs. This did not prevent him from making the mistake on the Parisian opener since he was the one covering Neymar. Replace the 63rd by Issiaga Sylla (non not)who came up against Donnarumma after a bad pass from Ramos.

Rafael Rato (6): untenable in the first period, the Brazilian winger caused damage in the Parisian defense. His dribbling was effective, as was his passing through for Dallinga and Aboukhlal. But apart from a nice heel, he stood out much less when he returned from the locker room.

Stijn Spierings (3): if we do not take into account his breakthrough before his pass for Aboukhlal, offside, there is not much left of his match… The midfielder has never found the solution for prevent or slow down the exchanges between the Parisian attackers behind his back.

Branco Van Den Boomen (4): also unable to oppose the Parisian waves, the evening captain suffered without a ball. He showed more in the second half with some good runs and some well-taken set pieces, including the one that forced Donnarumma to relax. But this is still insufficient. Replace the 76th by Brecht Dejaegere (not not).

Zakaria Aboukhlal (2): given the first half hour of Toulouse, a draw at halftime would not have been outrageous. It was still necessary to concretize at least one of the many counterattacks that the attacking midfielder negotiated very badly! Replace the 63rd by Fars Chabi (no not).

Thijs Dallinga (4.5): the tip of a team so dominated, the Dutchman was obviously discreet. He nevertheless obtained three situations with two shots on target, but without danger for Donnarumma, and a header not on target. Replace the 76th by Teen Onaiwu (no not)author of an attempt that crosses too much and a Madjer misses.


Gianluigi Donnarumma (5.5): apart from two easy stops on strikes from Van den Boomen, the PSG goalkeeper was not put in danger. He had a scare when he suffered pressure from Aboukhlal, which brought back a bad memory to the Parisian supporters…

Sergio Ramos (4.5): author of a bad pass for Donnarumma, the Spaniard offered a great opportunity Sylla, without consequence. Even if he was little asked overall, he did not release a great serenity on the Toulouse counterattacks in the first period.

Marquinhos (6.5): without great danger in front of him, the Parisian captain was above all illustrated in the quality of his placement on the restart, to avoid the opposing pressing. He could or should have scored with a header when he found himself alone and ideally placed on a corner from Neymar.

Danilo Pereira (6): shaken by Rato in the first period, the midfielder aligned at the central hinge held up pretty well. He also shone in the recovery under the pressure of Tfc.

Nordi Mukiele (4): due to bad timing in his calls, the summer reinforcement has rarely been used. He did not bring enough to his lane, even if he was more inspired with the ball in the second period.

Vitinha (7): his suspension was perhaps one of the reasons for the draw against Monaco. Because this Wednesday, the Portuguese again illuminated the game with the accuracy of his transmissions. He even allowed himself a long shot well out by Dup.

Marco Verratti (8): another big performance for the Italian! Omnipresent in recovery, the midfielder once again delighted his teammates with great openings, like the action of the second goal. Impressive mastery. Replace the 68th by Renato Sanches (not not).

Nuno Mendes (6.5): when the three attackers combine as well in the axis, inevitably, the side players are less served. The left-hander had fewer good balls to negotiate but he was able to be dangerous in his situations, in particular with two crosses back for Messi and a non-frame volley. Replace the 83rd by Juan Bernat (not not)who shot Dup on third base!

Lionel Messi (8.5): see comments above.

Neymar (7.5): sometimes defeated in the first period, the Brazilian still impressed on certain exchanges with his two accomplices. His ability to find them with his eyes closed, or to anticipate their passes remains stunning. Unhappy to leave and replaced the 68th by Hugo Ekitike (not not)who also ran into goalkeeper Dup.

Kylian Mbapp (8): if the striker left the lawn with a goal scored, we can easily guess his frustration. He combined perfectly with the other two attackers throughout the game, hence the many situations he caused or ended. The problem, and not the least for him, is that Dup neutralized most of his chances. Not to mention the touch post before Bernat’s goal.

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TOULOUSE 0-3 PARIS SG (mid-time: 0-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 5th day
Stadium: Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse – Referee: Hakim Ben el Salem Hadj, France

Goals : – Neymar (37th) K. Mbapp (50th) Juan Bernat (90th) for PARIS SG
Warnings : Rafael Rato (64th)for TOULOUSE

TOULOUSE : Mr. DupA. Rouault, R. Nicolaisen (L. Costa, 46th), Mr DiarraMr Desler, S. Spierings, B. van den Boomen, O. Zandn (A. Onaiwu, 63rd)T. Dallinga (B. Dejaegere, 76th)Rafael Rato, Z. Aboukhlal (I. Sylla, 63rd)

PARIS-SG : G. DonnarummaSergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Danilo PereiraN.Mukiele, Nuno Mendes (Juan Bernat, 83rd)Vitinha, Mr. Verratti (H. Ekitike, 68th)L. Messi (A. Hakimi, 83rd), Neymar (Renato Sanches, 68th)K.Mbapp


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