Pellicu-Live Festival in Thuir – Gilles Goujon: “It’s very rare that I desert my restaurant, I made an exception”

First day of the Pellicu-Live festival, in Thuir, this Thursday, September 1st. The event led by François-Xavier and Anaïs Demaison and Frontera Productions (Déferlantes, Live au Campo and Bacchus) hosted the three-starred chef Gilles Goujon.

A first impression on the villa and its Palauda park?

Wow. It’s a phenomenal place. Such a place in the heart of the city is really incredible. I am a contemplative. Unfortunately, life goes 200 an hour. But I like discovering things, meeting people. As soon as I go on vacation, I immediately go to the markets, I speak with the producers, I taste the local products.

What is the story of your coming to Pellicu-live?

I met François-Xavier and Anaïs Demaison like many people… in my restaurant (laughs). They invited me to come and I immediately said yes. It’s extremely rare that I desert my restaurant, but I made an exception. Anaïs and François-Xavier like to eat, have a drink, life. It immediately merged. I made them discover the rums that I love, it’s a real passion for me.

Do you use it in your recipes?

No, it’s not the kind of rum you can flambé (laughs)!

As an assumed bon vivant, the concept of this festival must resonate with you, right?

Totally, I think it’s awesome. Initially, I had to make a recipe during the chefs’ show. But, in the end, Anaïs (Demaison) told me that I was going to put on an American show instead, teasing the two brilliant young chefs (Denny Imbroisi and Juan Arbelaez, editor’s note) while they were cooking. And, as you can see, I like to talk, so that’s fine with me.

Is Catalan cuisine part of your recipes?

Oh yes ! My cuisine is southern, Catalan and Occitan.

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