Penalties at PSG: against Monaco, this time it’s Neymar who shoots before Mbappé

After waiting for Mr. Bastien’s decision for almost four minutes following a foul on him from Maripan (66th), Neymar took the ball. On the sidelines, Christophe Galtier bit his lips. But it is the Brazilian who has decided to take justice into his own hands. Seeing the Parisian top scorer move towards Nübel, everyone then thought of a new “penalty gate” between him and Kylian Mbappé.

The situation where you have to be ” clever “ was notably when the foul was committed on the player. It is then preferable for the other to shoot. There, against Monaco, Neymar was a victim and he scored his 6th goal of the season, in his own way, by delaying his run-up as much as possible to mystify Nübel, already kneeling, on his right to equalize (70th ). “The hierarchy had not moved but Ney made the decision to fire after discussing it with Kylianquickly cleared Galtier at the microphone of Prime Video. They are great players and it is also up to them to feel things. It was important for Kylian to come and congratulate Ney after his goal. »

The ex-Barcelonian scored his second penalty in L1 and the third of the season with the one against Nantes during the Champions Trophy (4-0). Full of confidence, the Brazilian continues to hover, with 6 goals for as many assists. He is also at the top of both rankings.


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