Pepito, Little Schoolboy, Granola… Biscuits out of stock after a salmonella alert

For what reasons ? “A factory was stopped in Belgium for a major cleaning,” explained the group’s consumer service. This is the production unit of Wieze, the cocoa supplier Barry-Callebaut. “Our cocoa supplier alerted us to the possible presence of salmonella,” Mondelez said.

Following this alert, an audit was conducted at all Mondelez industrial sites. Some production lines have been shut down, particularly in the Cestas factory, in Gironde, explains Olivier Dauvers. These closures have caused stockouts since the beginning of August in large retailers.

Avoiding a Ferrero Scandal

The food giant wishes to avoid at all costs a scandal similar to that of Ferrero. The Italian group had to recall many products, including Kinder chocolates, after contamination with salmonella in its Belgian factory in Arlon last spring.

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