Philippe Etchebest in the worst possible condition because of this incurable disease!

Philippe Etchebest, the famous French chef and TV host in the worst possible condition because of this incurable disease! It reveals the details…

Philippe Etchebest, chef from Soissons became famous thanks to the shows Top Chef and Cauchemar en cuisine. For nearly 10 years, Philippe Etchebest is a master chef, and his repartee made more than one shudder! However, this artist of gastronomy also has his wounds. Indeed, for years, he has been suffering from a serious illness.

Philippe Etchebest disease

A recognized leader, but a discreet family man

The arrival of Philippe Etchebest on TV follows an extraordinary journey. From the age of 17, this hard worker took part in culinary competitions.

Then, in the late 1980s, the young prodigy did not hesitate to leave the family home to train in the best restaurants in Paris.

This long career has made Philippe Etchebest a talented and demanding man. The public knows him above all thanks to his strong character. Indeed, his small shock replicas have the gift of making everyone react.

However, this strong head also cultivates a real taste for discretion.

The chef, Philippe Etchebest, wants to protect his family. Also, he does not like to give details of his private life with his wife Dominique and his son Louis Oscar. However, there is another subject on which this exceptional chef often avoids confiding too much. It is about his health, which has caused him a lot of worries since he reached his thirties.

Philippe Etchebest takes a radical approach to his heart problem

In 2000, the starred chef had a very bad surprise concerning his health. In effect, medical examinations revealed that he suffered from extrasystole. For Philippe Etchebest, this serious heart disease leads to cardiac arrhythmia. In front of this situationthe doctors suggested that he start daily treatmentin order to limit the risks.
But his free temper didn’t like the idea of ​​being dependent on a molecule.

“They had offered me to take pills until the end of my life. No thanks. »

To solve his health problem, Philippe Etchebest preferred to act radically. Thus, he wished to opt for an operation. But this operation caused a lot of concern among doctors. So they put him through a series of order to avoid an accident.

After these tests, the doctors finally acceded to his request. Philippe Etchebest underwent an impressive operation. In the columns of the Parisian, the chef confided in this heavy operationwhich changed the course of his life.
“It’s impressive, they pass a probe in the femoral artery. You feel an intense heat, the impression that your chest will explode. And then nothing, the problem is solved.

Philippe Etchebest

When we know the temperament bright and clear by Philippe Etchebest, this radical shock is not surprising. Today, at 55, the most famous chef on the small screen still shines with his work force. Motivated, he never loses an opportunity tohelp others improve. Moreover, he never let illness cut him off from his career. In 2000, he won the title of best worker in France, when his health was more than unstable.

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