Philippe Piat (UNFP): “Clubs want to trade by taking on as many players as possible” – Girondins

Philippe Piat spoke on RMC Sport about the loft in football clubs. The Girondins and PSG are concerned.

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“The system must be blamed”

Philippe Piat, co-president of the UNFP players’ union on RMC Sport: “A player who is in a club, who does not want to play on purpose, that almost does not exist. When we accuse a player of having a bad spirit it is that inside the club we doesn’t make him play. He’s in a loft. He may have personal problems that mean he’s not 100%. I was a player, and a player he wants to play.

Not all players are wealthy. The system must be blamed. A French club had 73 players under contract recently. Why a club with 73 players under contract? Everyone recommends having 25 players, if you have 40 to 50 players…”

“We put the responsibility for many things on the backs of the players”

He pursues : “A club offers a salary to a player to have a player, for a fixed period. During this contract, a new coach comes in and tells players that he does not want them. The problem is that the clubs want to trade by taking as many players as possible.

They tell themselves if there is one who is not good, I will find a “asshole” who will buy my player. Conversely, when a player is good and he comes to the end of his contract what happens? We want to have him extended so that he doesn’t leave for free.

We say: “If the player does not leave, the club will go bankrupt” we put the responsibility for many things on him. We threaten him and we tell him that if he doesn’t lower his salary, we will put constraints on him. From September 1 players must be reinstated.”

Listen to his speech below:


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