photos worry shepherds

The fear from wolf reappears in the Basque Country. Several shepherds are worried about this in Ostibarret and the Pays de Cize. Indeed, some of them find that several of their sheep were attacked. A hundred of them were injured, killed, or simply disappeared those last weeks.

Wounded and killed sheep

Last month is the herd of Didier Jaureguy, breeder and deputy mayor of Suhescun who was offensive. “A sheep first came back injured from the mountain pastures, it was not too serious, I sent them back the next day“says the shepherd.”The next day, they came home panicked in the evening, they were running, I understood that there was something“. In the herd, he lacked about fifteen ewes. “They finally arrived three by three, injured, the udders attacked, the thighs, the throat, the belly… it was an attack!“He says he lost five, one in the mountains and four that he had to euthanize.

The suspected wolf

Especially since several photos of a wolf-like animal circulating on social networks. Agents from the French biodiversity office would have come to see the damage. Of the analyzes would be in progress. The prefecture should publish the results in the coming days. Several municipalities including Lantabat and Ostabat-Asme have taken orders authorizing shooting at stray or wandering dogs. The mayor of Ainhice-Mongelos should do the same.

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