Pogba case: Paul intimidated by hooded and armed men, including his brother Mathias?

Twenty-four hours after Mathias Pogba’s enigmatic messages on social networks, promising explosive revelations about his brother, Paul, the contours of the very serious dispute between the two brothers are emerging hour after hour. While the world champion’s lawyers have made it known that he had been the victim of “threats and attempted extortion by an organized gang” and that an investigation has been opened, France Info reveals this Sunday part of the remarks made by the Juventus player to the police.

Paul Pogba told them that he had been the victim last March of a trap set by childhood friends and by men armed with assault rifles, including his brother Mathias, who claimed 13 million euros from him and accused him of not having supported them financially since becoming a professional player. Still according to France Info, the former Manchester United midfielder assured the police that he had repeatedly come under pressure from these blackmailers in England, in France, but also at the Juventus training center in Turin, where he would have recognized among them, his older brother Mathias, with whom he has a conflicting relationship. It was then that Pogba and Juve’s lawyers decided to notify the police.

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Maraboutage of Mbappé: the threat against Paul?

France Info also specifies why Mathias Pogba promised revelations concerning Kylian Mbappé in his videos that have gone viral. The blackmailers would have threatened Paul to reveal messages in which he would have asked a marabout to cast a spell on the PSG striker. Mathias Pogba has confirmed through this information that his brother, Paul, denies. Sunday evening, the eldest Pogba reacted to the first revelations about his brother’s hearing by the police by adding a few messages on Twitter. “Paul, you really wanted to shut me up even if it means lying and sending me to prison“.

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