Prayssac. A dog as a vector of well-being at school

For more than two years, the multidisciplinary team, school teachers, people accompanying disabled students (AESH) and municipal staff have been committed to a co-educational and pedagogical project. This citizen project in the heart of the town of Prayssac brings together all the pupils of the elementary school of Prayssac (123 children spread over six classes), parents, educational actors. The association “A dog at school” created in February 2021 saw its first objective achieved with the arrival on May 17 of Relka, a 2-year-old black Labrador.

It all started with an educational team that has been united for years and whose desire is to ensure quality education for all students, taking into account the needs of each. The teachers have been trained in the conduct of an assistance dog and are able to offer educational and pedagogical activities involving an assistance dog and students. The teachers have designated referents, having charge of the dog outside the school.

To date, only pupils in the CE2/CM1 and CM2 classes benefit from the presence of the dog Relka. The main objective of this end of the school year is to make contact and adapt Relka to his new work environment.

Already, after a month of presence, the teachers unanimously note the good that this brings: an appeasement of the pupils, who are more relaxed and attentive, and “a feeling which also benefits the teachers”, as they confide.

The association “A dog at school” was able to carry out its project which was validated by the rector of the Toulouse Academy, Mr. Fourar, the Dasen du Lot Xavier Papillon and the IEN Mrs. Giraud. It involves the Handi’Chien association, recognized as being of public utility, the Adrienne and Pierre Sommer Foundation, which has been involved for fifty years in animal mediation through information, funding for field initiatives, research; the municipality of Prayssac, active partner by supporting the financing and the organization relating to the implementation of the project… and many other partners.

It should be noted that this project is considered innovative by university research, in order to measure the impact of the presence of an assistance dog on well-being at school and academic results.

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