Prince Harry and Meghan Markle adopted Mia, a beagle rescued from a dog factory

While Prince Harry is touring Africa at the end of the summer, the Duchess of Sussex stayed in California with their two children… and their new dog. Harry and Meghan would have fallen for an adorable dog rescued from a dog factory.

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Mamma Mia has found a place in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Montecito villa

The Los Angeles Times reveals that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex expanded their family by welcoming baby Mamma Mia in July 2022. “In less than two months, Mamma Mia the beagle has gone from the gutters to royal rank”, writes the American daily. The little dog is one of 4,000 dogs rescued by authorities from a raid on a research beagle farm in Envigo, Virginia.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex heard about the unsanitary animal husbandry affair and they decided to act. “The Duchess called me personally”, said Shannon Keith, who directs the Beagle Freedom Project. Meghan had only introduced herself by giving her first name, without specifying her identity, by calling with a hidden number. Hearing the questions and the way the conversation was going, which lasted half an hour, the person in charge of the shelter understood that she was talking to a public figure.

“Is it Meghan Fox? », wondered Shannon Keith once the appointment was fixed. It was finally Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who landed in his kennel, surrounded by two bodyguards. The meeting was organized outside visiting hours. Harry and Meghan were able to spend some alone time with Mia in the yard. “The Duchess held Mia in her arms and said, ‘We adopt her'”. Prince Charles’ son and his wife made it known that they specifically wanted to adopt not a puppy but a mature dog as they know puppies are adopted very quickly.

The Duchess of Sussex during a visit to a shelter in Mayhew in January 2019 (Photo: Rota/Camera Press/ISOPIX)

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Harry and Meghan adopt dog rescued from Envigo’s dog factory

Envigo, the second largest breeder of dogs for medical research, breeds about 25% of beagles used in medical and pharmaceutical research in the United States. A major federal investigation revealed the unsanitary conditions and the mistreatment of these dogs born for research.

The Duchess of Sussex was the godmother of Mayhew, a network of kennels in England, for three years. Her royal patronage was stripped when she and her husband made the decision to give up their royal duties. “ Although my time as Godmother of Mayhew is over, my unwavering support continues”Meghan said a few months ago.

“On January 15, 2022 my beloved friend Oli tragically and so suddenly passed away”, explained the mother of Archie and Lilibet. She had then decided to make a gesture in memory of Oli by opening a wing in the name of her dog with Mayhem. A kennel in the name of Archie had also been opened on the occasion of his birth.

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