Private jet, champagne and gifts… The sumptuous birthday of Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

Choupette Lagerfeld this Monday, August 15, her birthday. Screenshot @choupettelagerfeld/Instagram

On August 15, the creator’s beloved animal, who disappeared in 2019, celebrated his eleventh birthday. A look back at an unusual celebration.

That was over three years ago. On February 19, 2019, Karl Lagerfeld passed away following a battle with cancer, leaving behind his beloved animal, his cat Choupette. Since the death of her master, Choupette has taken up residence in her new home in Île-de-France, where she enjoys homemade dishes and spends her days being pampered. Thus, no surprise this Monday, August 15, when on the occasion of his 11 years (60 years in human age), the Sacred of Burma celebrated his birthday far from sobriety.

happy birthday to me»

On Instagram, the 120,000 subscribers of the sapphire-blue-eyed animal were able to discover her life as a queen. Private jet, luxury champagne, balloons, lemon meringue pie and Karl Lagerfeld perfume were on the program. As well as gifts provided by Lucy Balu, a brand specializing in furniture for cats. The extravagant post was captioned “happy birthday to me“. Thanking the company that provided the jet, Choupette specified however that the plane “remained on the ground at Le Bourget, in memory of my many trips with my dad”. The quaint birthday party was organized by My Pet Agency, a star pet agency that represents cats. The model Baptiste Giabiconi, of whom Karl Lagerfeld was the mentor, also hastened to celebrate the animal by wishing him a “Happy birthday my Choupette”.

In video: Baptiste Giabiconi, first heir to Karl Lagerfeld


To date, the details of the legal organization of the couturier’s last wishes are still confidential. On the other hand, Choupette is indeed a millionaire. Today under the tutelage of Françoise Caçote, ex-governess and friend of Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette would have accumulated no less than three million euros in “income”, acquired in 2014, by posing in front of the objective of his master for the Opel 2015 calendar and creating her own make-up line in collaboration with Shu Uemura.


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