processionary caterpillars discovered near Beauvais

Processionary caterpillars were discovered in Warluis (Oise) near Beauvais, at the beginning of June, reports Actu Oise. These insects represent a mortal danger for certain animals, including dogs, and a health risk for humans.

Local residents alerted local authorities after seeing the caterpillars near the aviation museum. For the mayor of the town, Dominique Moret, this portends a proliferation in other places in the town in the days to come because it is “surrounded by woods”.

Respiratory failures

On social networks, the elected official, who contacted the National Forestry Office (ONF), alerted his inhabitants and published a “instructions for making homemade eco-traps”.

Because of their very stinging hairs for dogs, processionary caterpillars can cause respiratory and heart failure that can lead to the death of canines. They also cause painful burns in humans on contact as well as respiratory failure or skin reactions.

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