Product reminder: above all, do not eat this sausage, it must be brought back urgently!

Sausages are particularly appreciated when having an aperitif. Who won’t be tempted to enjoy sausage before attacking his drink. However, be careful, some batches of aperitifs may well contain a dangerous product according to a product recall.

Indeed, after the scandals affecting pizzas and chocolates, we are faced with a recall concerning sausages. Recently, a well-known brand of dry sausage was the subject ofa product recall campaign. We provide you with information on the subject, including the reason for the recall.

Sausage: a popular aperitif

Before having your meal, nothing better than to enjoy a few slices of sausage. An aperitif that has been delighting us for 2000 yearss. Whether it’s the salt pork sticks or tastes a little off the traditional flavor. We all love it.

Product recall of sausages
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Butchers have brought other flavors that are just as good as the sausage made from pork. There are all kinds of flavors: flavored with walnut spices, pepper, fennel, herbs. There are also some that are combined with meats having various flavors. It all depends on individual tastes.

No need to go any further to find it, it is everywhere in the local markets or on the shelves, in the grocery stores… As soon as there is promotion on the product, people rush to buy it. Just by seeing 10 euros for 3 sausagesit is easy to give in to the offer.

In general, dry sausages do not stay long enough in our kitchens. This is explained by the desire to always taste it before eating a meal. Moreover, if many of us love it, just a few slices and there are more.

You can always turn to local markets or supermarkets selling several brands of sausages. However, be careful with what you buy. The reason is that a well-known brand of sausage has initiated a product recall campaign.

Product recall: what are the risks?

Whether these batches of sausages are the subject of a recall, it is because they are likely to contain foreign bodies, plastics. There is therefore a risk of ingesting a piece of glass, metal, paper, plastic, etc.

Eating this sausage could lead to injury in the digestive tract. Effects that we don’t want to know about. To avoid any possible risk, it will be necessary to avoid consuming or buying these batches in question. Be vigilant, and consider destroying these lots if you have any in your cupboards.

The dry sausage brand recalled

The recalled product is a dry sausage of the brand “Our regions have talent”. We could find these products in E.Leclerc supermarkets all over France. It’s just all the dry sausages in the batch 22090039.

The expiry date on the packaging is September 26, 2022. Note, however, that this recall does not concern all of the brand’s products. These Ardèche dry sausages are sold in 250g packs.

They went on sale between August 4 and 31 at Leclerc outlets. If you have visited any of these stores recently, please check to see if you have purchased sausages of this brand.

What to do if you have purchased this product

Consumers are advised to stop consuming the lots mentioned in this recall. You should take them back to where you bought them for a refund. Knowing that a refund is possible if you return the product before the end date of the recall.

She is scheduled for October 31, 2022. Even if the recall date is in October, don’t delay especially in returning it to the point of sale. It is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent other people in your home from consuming them.

However, if you are one of the persons concerned, call the consumer service at 0800874187. These dry sausages are unfit for consumption for some time. Fortunately, we can always turn to other brands for the next aperitifs.

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