Product reminder: these bacon bits and diced chorizo ​​must not be eaten, be careful!

Since a few months, product recalls are on the rise. And this, especially when it comes to meat! This time, plain, smoked bacon as well as diced chorizo ​​are subject to a recall. These products, sold in organic stores, are subject toan error marking the expiry date. We tell you everything you need to know!

Meat product recalls

Once again, the meat is the subject of a recall produced in France. These two products do not constitute not the first meat to fall victim to mistakes. Indeed, after sausages and merguez sausages, minced steaks and chicken wings… Today, bacon bits and chorizo ​​suffer the same fate. Plain or smoked bacon and diced chorizo ​​often enhance quick and tasty recipes. In pasta, in salads, with vegetables, they are found everywhere.

Bad news for fans of these meats… You have to be very careful what you buy at the moment. Bacon and diced chorizo, sold in organic stores in France, must be returned to the point of sale due to a marking error. The use-by dates on the packaging do not correspond to reality.

Products recalled in organic stores

The product recall concerns diced chorizo ​​as well as natural and smoked bacon from the Bioporc brand. These products can be found in organic stores throughout France. Natural bacon bits, marketed from 08/09/2022 until 08/12/2022. Smoked bacon, them, from 08/01/2022 until 08/12/2022. And finally, the chorizo ​​cubes, on sale from 08/02/2022 until 08/12/2022. These three products all have the same reason for the recall. Indeed, they all suffered a marking error concerning the expiry date. However, this poor labeling can have harmful effects on consumer health.

The use-by date for plain and smoked bacon is 08/24/2022 and not 08/24/2023. While the expiry date for diced chorizo ​​is 09/05/2022 and not 09/05/2023. The affected products are: GTIN 3483190090872lot F208, with an expiry date of 08/24/2023. GTIN 3483190012980, batch F208 with the expiry date on 08/24/2023. And finally the GTIN 3483190092517lot F213, with an expiry date of 09/05/2023.

What if you bought some?

If you have recently purchased diced chorizo, plain or smoked bacon. Three Bioporc brand products. So the site Drink reminder (the government site that lists all product recalls) advises you to return the product to the point of sale. As well as contacting customer service by telephone at the following number:

Also, if you want to know more about health risks, refer to the government site of Rappel Conso. Each product is listed with useful information to know. Such as the GTIN, the date of consumption, the point of sale… Be careful to check if you have this product at home, and remember to bring it back or throw it away.

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